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Survey: Does Education Impact Values?

Values matter most!
I want to hear your views on education.

Why this survey?

This survey has three primary purposes.

  1. To provoke parents and voters to think and to voice their views.
  2. To demonstrate that there is a diversity of values and approaches to life that are equally valid but cannot all be equally supported by a centrally controlled school system.
  3. To acquire data that can be presented to the School District to help educate them so they can better meet the needs of their community.
If after taking this survey you wish to clarify your stance I encourage you to send an essay that we can post on this site.

The first section asks you to choose between two contrasting values. Please choose based on how you really believe it should be, how you wish it could be if you were a student. Do not compromise your belief by how you think it needs to be based on current law.

Please check one box per line and answer the 2 questions at the end. If you value both the same check both of them.
1 Parental & Student control of educational content Government control of educational content
2 Freedom in learning Submission to government
3 Developing multi-source research Limited viewpoint of a pre-selected textbook
4 Creativity Bureaucratic control
5 Diversity Conformity
6 Desire to learn Learning the state prescribed things
7 Freedom of choice Uniformity
8 Inner Peace Outer Speed & efficiency
9 Simplicity Possessiveness
10 Sportsmanship & cooperation Winning
11 Service & Forgiveness Income, Profit
12 Intuition Logic
13 Growth from within Control from without
14 Beauty Utility
15 Understanding principles Knowing facts
16 Inner satisfaction Outer approval (grades, rewards)
17 Contentment Ambition
18 Harmony with nature Exploitation of nature
19 Knowing the ethics of how things we buy are produced Greater power to buy more goods
20 Knowing how to learn Passing tests

Do public schools help you pass on the values you believe in? Yes No

For you, what is the most important issue concerning public education?

Thank you for filling this survey. Back

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