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Results for Survey: How do schools help you?

The following tables show the percent of parents who circled each item.
(Results are rounded off to the nearest percent.)

Parents naturally want to pass on certain values, morals, beliefs, goals, knowledge and character traits. Having your children in public schools could interfere with this parental effort in various ways. Some of these are: (circle item numbers that are true in your case)

1 Consuming too much time so not enough is left for learning the values, morals, beliefs, goals, knowledge, or character traits you want them to learn.


2 Teaching values, morals, beliefs, knowledge, or character traits that conflict with the ones you want imparted.


3 Putting emphasis on the wrong subjects.


4 Focusing on wrong viewpoints.


5 Mentors or value models with the wrong characteristics.


6 Peer pressure.


7 Ridicule or lack of respect by teachers for their interests, values, beliefs, ideas, or learning styles.


Does having your children in Bremerton Public Schools interfere in any way with you successfully passing on what you want passed on to your children? Circle the following items which you think are more difficult to pass on to your children by having them in Bremerton Public Schools.

1 Your values. 80%

2 Your morals. 60%

3 Your beliefs. 80%

4 Your ideals 60%

5 The knowledge most important to you 50%

6 The character traits you believe in 70%


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