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WASL tests are wrong (unconstitutional)

Whereas the role of government in our constitutional republic is clearly to protect individual liberty;
Whereas the role of a totalitarian government is to control the nature and form of the culture and the type of economy;
Whereas the most effective way to control culture is in its development through the process of education;
Whereas the nature of governments is to gain as much control as possible to both insure and increase their own power (for power corrupts);
It therefore follows that 1. Governments will inevitably seek to gain control of education, and 2. When governments gain control of education they will become totalitarian.

WASL is an example of government controlling every detail of education. First they establish “Essential Learnings” that set forth exactly what all children must learn. Then they develop their enforcement procedures for insuring that all children conform to the complete control by the government of the minds and hearts of all children. The central feature of the enforcement procedure is the WASL tests.

It therefore follows that WASL tests are unconstitutional.

The only motive government has to control education is to prevent diversity. The thirst for knowledge and understanding is inherent in human nature. Education will inevitably take place to the greatest degree without government interference. Therefore government does not get involved in education to enhance it in any way. It gets involved to prevent it from taking all diverse forms that it fears as threats to either the continuance of its power or the enhancement of its power.

The purpose of the government is to protect the liberty of the people. As far as education is concerned this means to protect the rights of all individuals to learn what they want to learn without abridgment by any government or for profit corporate entity. For the government to establish essential learnings, curriculum, textbooks, certify teachers or schools or in any way influence what knowledge, understanding, viewpoints, worldviews, beliefs, values, goals or any other aspect of culture is not only an example of government failing to protect individual liberty and diversity as far as education is concerned, it is a clear case of government doing the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do. The job of government is to protect the freedom to learn, not to decide or influence what should be learned.


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