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What needs to be done.
Policy needed to insure respect for parents.

  1. Make the employment contract for all teachers and administrators require that they always treat all parents with respect, and that if any parent files a complaint with the School Board, the School Board has the power to suspend that teacher or administrator without pay until the matter has been fully resolved. If it cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the customer (the parent) that teacher or administrator is in breach of contract and must be fired without due process. Currently when parents complain about a teacher the administration sees it not as problem with the teacher, but with the parents who complain. The same things happens when principals violate the rights of students and parents. The administration protects the principal at the parentís and studentís expense. This is a major violation of the very basis of why we have schools, to serve the educational needs of families.

  2. Make rooms at the school available for parents to get together to discuss educational issues, to explain their concerns, etc. If they request certain administrators or teachers to be present they must do so.

  3. Parents must have the right to spend as much time in their childís class as they choose to, even if it is for just observing. They must have the right to drop in at any time without warning. To know what is going on with their childís mind is not only their right, it is their responsibility. Current classroom access policies interfere with this responsibility of parents, they therefore must be admitted to contribute to child neglect.

    Observing only with a prior appointment is absurd. The child still belongs to the parent even when the child is at school. It is the parentís constitutional right and moral responsibility to know what is going on in his or her own childís life, especially in his or her education.

    The parents are the customers who have hired the schools to educate their children. Not allowing the customer to see the product is unethical and irresponsible of the highest order. Baring the parents from the classroom at any time constitutes not allowing them to see the product they have hired them to provide (and it constitutes kidnapping).

    If any teacher or administrator or other school employee bars any parent from a classroom at any time, then that parent has the right to require the district to pay the full cost for that parentís child to go to the school of her choosing.

    Of course, since the District claims the classrooms are open for parents they could not possibly have any objection to this policy.

  4. Parents must have the right to choose the class, teacher and school of their children. Parents know their children better than teachers, administrators, or formulas ever can. To leave these crucial choices up to formulas, administrators, or teachers is therefore a very serious violation of the interest of the child.

    If enough parents donít choose certain teachers than of course those teachers will have to be taken off the payrolls. This takes away from the administration the job that they are so reluctant to do anyway: getting rid of poor teachers. That parents donít choose a particular teacher does not mean that s/he is a poor teacher, only that her/his style or approach is not in demand. The same thing applies to schools. When too few parents choose a school the principal must be taken off the pay roll.

  5. Time of class. Currently classes are held during that time of the day or week when parents are most likely to be gone to work. Although this may be done primarily to prevent parent involvement, it has the disastrous consequence of encouraging some parents to see schools largely, or at least partly, as meeting the role of child care. Realizing the educational establishment is always anxious to grow and expand in anyway it can, and they are anxious to move into the realm of full time childcare by expanding the size of their operation to include 1) more hours in the day, 2) more days in the year, and 3) more years in the childís life; it must not be forgotten that the primary purpose of the family is child care, is raising children. For the education establishment to move into the realm of childcare is for it to offer a replacement for the institution of the family.

Public Schools started out as a public service. They offered a service to the public. If it was the type of service the public wanted then they would choose to use it. Then, in the late 1800ís, with only 20% popular support it became completely transformed by becoming compulsory. Then the public had to both pay for it and use it even if it did not provide the type of service they wanted.

As local control slowly eroded away and teacher training came under the control of an education establishment, schools became more of a secret society with parents having little knowledge of the true objectives of the education establishment. Little do parents realize that the primary goal of the education establishment is not education but social engineering.

The nature of large institutions must be recognized. They exist primarily to survive and to grow. They work primarily to further their own reach and power. Among all institutions the education establishment is in a unique position. Our founding fathers recognized the fearful power of governments and tried to design our government to limit its reach and power. Now, through public education, it controls the content, activity, and development of young minds more than ever thought possible. They are not failing to use the latest knowledge and research in behavior modification and social engineering to create the exact type of human product they are seeking. But it is not just the minds of the young they are seeking to mold to their own agenda. It is the nature of society itself.

In order for the education establishment to expand its power and reach it must constantly do battle with parents, with families. That is why its game plan calls for the elimination of families. It is working stealthily to be certain that the families of the future will be the schools. When the education establishment succeeds in expanding its role to include before and after school childcare and early childhood education it will have succeeded in completely replacing the family as the institution for the passing on of culture, of values, beliefs, world view, goals and character.


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