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Essay: Evolution vs. Creationism

I find the recently reignited debate over evolution vs. creationism quite humorous. Neither side is better than the other at seeing their own shortcomings, lapses of logic, and emotionalism. As a student of comparative religion I see no difference between “science” and fundamentalist Christianity as far as the religious zeal and blind faith of their devotees is concerned. Humans don’t suddenly become unbiased simply by adopting the practice of science. In fact, because science focus on the outside, on sense data, not on the inside where bias originates, scientists will be more biased and prejudiced unless they have been practicing some kind of self transformation from a spiritual tradition.

Both science and fundamentalist Christianity are highly institutionalized religious faiths, with official doctrines and beliefs that are deeply set and change only slowly. Many devotees of science are somehow threatened by setbacks in promoting the dogma of evolutionary theory through the auspices of one of their great institutions, the public school system. Likewise, the fundamental Christians are understandably upset also by lack of equal treatment of their dogma of creationism, since most their children are hostage to the institution designed to breed science devotees - the public schools.

There is no benefit of science today that is dependent on the theory of evolution. There is nothing in any technology that science has given us that needs or relies on the theory of evolution in any way. So what is the reason they cling to it so tenaciously? Why is the dogma of evolution so sacred? Why is it that scientists have repeatedly thrown out evidence when it contradicted their form of the theory. Why have they sometimes created evidence to confirm it?

The answer is very simple. It is the same as why the creationists are irrational about their theory. People are religious in nature. They have been religious for tens of thousands of years, perhaps for millions of years. One aspect of religion has always been devotion. Even are brains reflect this. The left brain is the logical, linear brain that always tries to represent an organic and nonlinear reality in limited, linear terms that the sense processing aspect of the self can relate to. The right brain is the non-linear, intuitive, aesthetic brain that transcends logic but operates in the non logical areas of life such as love, forgiveness, empathy, nurturing, and of course, devotion.

When a person takes up science and tries to see everything with the left brain, the right brain does not go away. A million years of devotion does not go away. The realm of religion is the realm of inner self-transformation. The realm of science is the realm of outer exploitation. Science has allowed us to exploit the environment, to exploit raw materials, to exploit other people, to exploit markets, to exploit other nations. And it is the fear of science that makes us so devoted to it. Science, which to be honest is the science of exploitation, is currently being worshipped more and more all over the world. We fear now that someone else will out exploit us. So we want to exploit our children to get better at science, at exploitation, than the next person, the next company, the next country.

The way we exploit the children is by banning them from genuine self-esteem. We ban them from service so they cannot develop genuine self-esteem. We say they are not yet competent or trained. We say we are protecting them from child labor. Children with true self-esteem are much too hard to exploit. We could not entice them to learn countless lies and irrelevant things with the enticement of grades if they had self-esteem. We remove them from the family at an early age to break down the transmission of culture through the family, to break down the power of the family. This allows us to turn them into good scientists, and into good consumers.

What do you think? Please, send me your thoughts.


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